Health Check: The Post (Concord, NH)

Welcome to another of Offbeat Eats’ Health Check reviews, where we re-visit old favorites and check out how they are doing. In this case, a recent trip to visit the Wentworth Greenhouse Farmers Market, which actually had us passing through north Concord’s “Fisherville” neighborhood. This gave us a great opportunity to check up on an old favorite, The Post.

The Post (which was “The Newell Post” when we first visited them back in 2012) sits on Fisherville Road (a.k.a. Route 3) five minutes up the road from Concord proper in North Concord. The name is the big change; the current ownership took over the Newell Post (and their sister location The Post Downtown, which opened in 2014) and rebranded the place as just “The Post”. And during the Covid era they installed some plexiglass dividers between booths. But otherwise it’s pretty much the same spot we visited in 2012: the same overall dining room, a similar menu, and the building is pretty much the same.

Actually, there’s one other notable change: back in 2012, the new-ish Post was a fairly quiet, slightly-off-the-beaten path dining spot. In 2024? This place was hopping on a Saturday morning with a 15-minute wait (note to both my future self and other diners: they do not have reservations, but do have a call-ahead waiting list). Still, the service was friendly and efficient, and right on schedule 15 minutes after we showed up we were seated, enjoying a cup of coffee, and perusing the menu.

The menu at The Post remains your basic “Family Restaurant” American breakfast and lunch comfort food fare: omelets, pancakes, eight varieties of eggs Benedict, burgers, and sandwiches. With one nice local twist: this part of New Hampshire has a lot of French-Canadian heritage, and this shows up twice on the breakfast menu in the form of Tourtière. That’s the French-Canadian version of a meat pie, typically using a heavily-spiced pork and potato blend that’s reminiscent of a corned-beef hash (which they also have on the menu). Around this part of NH that usually means a nice clove-based spice mix, and the version at The Post was quite flavorful indeed; I ended up getting the Tourtière plate with some scrambled eggs and home fries (the home fries also being particularly nicely executed). A nice pie crust, some flavorful pork pie, and this was a great breakfast.

Carol also went for the Tourtière, but she went for in Benedict form, getting the Tourtière Benedict; a classic Benedict with a seared patty of tourtière meat instead of the Canadian bacon, making this like a French-Canadian variant of the Irish Benedict. The result was particularly flavorful and well-executed.

So, how’s the Post doing more than a decade after my last review? They are doing quite well: the food is still great and the service is pleasant, and based on the line on a Saturday morning, we’re not the only ones still liking the place. It’s definitely worth a visit.

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