Most of my Offbeat Eats reviews happen because I just happened to find myself at the establishment in question. Either I’m traveling to that destination for another, non-food reason, or I was nearby and decided to pick something off my hit list. In other words, for most of these reviews I didn’t go out of my way to actually make a special trip for these places.

However, on occasion I do find myself doing a targeted trip for the express purpose of eating, or doing some sort of guided tour. Sometimes it’s driving to New York City just to do a pizza tour. Sometimes it’s a packaged food tour. And sometimes it’s even flying halfway across the country to drive several hundred miles visiting BBQ joints in Texas.

In any case, I made some special pages just for these trips:

  1. Iceland: in August 2012, we spent 12 days driving and eating our way around Iceland, dispelling misconceptions about Icelandic food.
  2. Ile de la Reunion: in April 2015, we spent 8 days driving and eating our way around Reunion, the small French island in the Indian ocean, enjoying the awesome fusion food resulting from Indian, Malagasy, French, Portuguese, and Chinese influence/
  3. The Faroe Islands: in July 2016, we spent 8 days driving, hiking and eating our way around the Faroe Islands, a Nordic wonderland.
  4. The Central Texas BBQ Run: in April 2011, visiting 5 top-rated BBQ joints and half a dozen of Austin’s notable food carts.