Welcome to Offbeat Eats. A place where I share what I’ve been eating as I travel, as well as other food-related ramblings.

First, a bit about myself. My name’s Rich Kaszeta and I live in Grantham, NH, nestled away in a quiet corner of New Hampshire, not too far from Hanover (where Dartmouth College is). It’s certainly off the beaten track. And it’s also an area that doesn’t have a huge number of restaurants. Despite that, however, it does have a lot of rather interesting little restaurants, diners, roadside stands, and, well, even the occasional shack that have some good eats. But they can be hard to find.  My belief is that no matter where you go, good eats are to be found, but it might take a bit of work to find them.  I’m trying to catalog the place I’ve found so that others will find them as well.

And it also has made me aware of how important it is to make the best use of my travels, so that when I’m traveling around this country or another, to take the time and find the foods that are interesting to eat. Luckily, I travel a lot. By day, I’m an engineer that works for a consulting R+D firm, which means that I’m often having to travel to meet with my clients. My clients, however, tend to have some fairly interesting locations, ones that aren’t normal tourism destinations (Oak Ridge, TN; Yuma, AZ; and Palmdale, CA, to name three prominent ones), places that, like my own home area, are also places where it can be challenging to find the good eats. I’m also a lover of travel, having been to all 50 states, and quite a few foreign countries, so I’ve been trying to cover those as well.

This blog started as a way to get the word out about the hidden gems that made this area a pleasant dining experience (originally, I also posted to a now-defunct local blog called uvScene). Now, I’m trying to maintain it as a travelogue detailing the many interesting and varied dining experiences I have as I wander about.

I’m glad you’ve stopped here. Please feel free to comment on posts, or drop me a line at rich@offbeateats.org!