The Faroe Islands

Most every year, I try to go on an “interesting” trip, such as my recent trips to Iceland or Reunion. Continuing in that theme, 2016’s trip was to… the Faroe Islands. Part of the Danish kingdom, the Faroes are a small set of 18 islands halfway between Iceland and Scotland, and in many ways are like a much more severe and Nordic version of Iceland, and distinctly less touristy. So, armed with my camera, some hiking boots, and a sense of adventure, we set out to visit (by way of another side trip to Reykjavik).

It really is a wonderful, if obscure, place to visit, between the absolutely stunning scenery, and being one of the best bird-watching places I’ve ever been (with literally thousands upon thousands of puffins).

In short, you should go. If you want a full review, consider my writeup over on Flyertalk. Or look at my writeups of the food, which range from Danish-style hot dogs all the way up to Michelin-starred cuisine:

  1. Gras: Sampling fine Faroese dining in one of the islands’ few hotels
  2. Kaffihúsið : A Danish-style coffeehouse
  3. Etika: Eating salmon and shark sushi, Faroese-style
  4. Koks: Michelin-Starred dining in a small Faroese village
  5. Kristianshus: Soup and sandwiches at the very edge of a remote Faroese island
  6. Fish and Chips: Salmon fish and chips in a nod to the British influence in WWII
  7. Big Stan: When you get to enjoy Schwarma in a small Faroese city sold by a guy from Swaziland.
  8. Matstovan hjá Elisabeth : Excellent roast lamb in another remote village
  9. Effo: Even the gas station has awesome hot dogs

I hope these reviews inspire you to visit the islands like we did. They truly are a stunning destination.