The Randolph Depot (Randolph, Vermont)

(Update: Unfortunately, Randolph Depot closed in June 2016. Hopefully someone else can do something with the space.)

A recent trip to Bent Hill Brewery in Braintree, VT, left us looking for some late breakfast opportunities in Randolph. Probably due to the town itself being a fair bit off of I-89, we haven’t done a lot of exploring there, but several places in have started to show up on my radar, like One Main Tap and Grill and The Black Krim Tavern. But neither of those is really a lunch place, so we instead were drawn to a fairly central spot in Randolph, the Randolph Depot. Located in a nicely renovated railroad depot building (hence the name), Randolph Depot is serving up breakfast and lunch with a variety of soups, sandwiches, pancakes, and eggs. It looked like a particularly nice place to have a meal, so I ordered up some pancakes and corned-beef hash…

…and then discovered that breakfast ended at 10:30. While unfortunate, I can understand this: while I generally enjoy the ability to have breakfast at lunch (and, conversely, lunch or dinner at breakfast), I can fully understand a place that wants to just concentrate on serving one meal at a time. So instead, I moved over to the lunch half of the menu, and ordered up a Northeast Kingdom, with smoked turkey, apples, and cheddar with curried mayo. With a side of homemade chips.

And I’ll have to say, it was a particularly good sandwich: the sourdough bread was thick cut and nicely toasted, the turkey was obviously sliced from an actual turkey breast and not one of those composite cold cut turkey loaves, and some nice crisp apples and Cabot cheddar made for a nice combination of tastes. The curry mayo added a nice bit of both spice and moisture, although I frankly would have liked a bit more spice to work with. The homemade chips were nice and thick, and darkly cooked without being overcooked or greasy. Add in a pleasant staff and a nice location (I’d say you could watch the trains go by, but in Randolph, that only happens a few times a day), and it’s a pleasant little neighborhood eatery. I definitely plan to come back for dinner sometime. And perhaps check out Black Krim or One Main as well.

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  1. Scully 23 Mar 2015 at 21:21 #

    Warning. Worst pancakes in Vermont. They taste like they are made with cupcake pastry flour.

    • kaszeta 23 Mar 2015 at 21:21 #


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