Jake’s Market and Deli (Lebanon, NH)

Okay, I admit, I’m close to running out of breakfast places to review, so I decided to start reviewing some lunch spots on days when I haven’t brought a lunch from home. However, I’m trying to focus on the more unique places, the out-of-the way spots, the locally-owned businesses, the hidden gems, and the good deals. And, most importantly, the places that are close enough to my office and fast enough that I can grab lunch, bring it back to my office in Etna, and eat it at a reasonable pace all within about 45 minutes or so.

Today, it was Jake’s Market and Deli on Mechanic Street (a.k.a. the Mobil Station). What brings me to this particular gas station on a Tuesday at lunchtime? Chicken.

Jake’s has, in my opinion, the best fried chicken in the Upper Valley (not even close to top of the list of my favorite fried chicken places, but certainly way above average for the area). Nicely cooked in a pressure fryer, very juicy, not unnecessarily greasy, and pleasantly seasoned. Three pieces of chicken, slaw, potato wedges, and a dinner roll for $6.99. Yeah, that’s not all that cheap, but it’s waaaay better than going to KFC, the service is faster, and you won’t be hungry before dinner.

Unfortunately, Jake’s chicken is also of spotty availability. Today, they were out of chicken pieces, so I actually ended up getting the chicken tender dinner (at right). Almost as good, but I always find the tenders a bit dry compared to chicken pieces.


1. Best fried chicken I’ve had in town.

2. Convenient (with online ordering even at http://www.jakesmarket.com).

3. The rest of their lunch menu (sandwiches, wraps, etc) is rather good as well.


1. Sometimes they just don’t have the chicken ready. And it takes quite a while (20 minutes or so) for another batch to come out.

2. It can be crowded, especially with construction contractors and painters finding this a popular lunch spot.

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  1. gordon 18 Jun 2007 at 08:54 #

    jake’s helped me gain 40 pounds this winter.

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