Wasp’s Diner Redux (Woodstock, VT)

(Update: Unfortunately, Wasp’s closed on March 29, 2013. The owner will now be cooking at the Hartland Diner in Hartland, VT)

It’s been several years since I reviewed Wasp’s Diner, and since it had been quite a while since I’d even been there, I decided on a recent trip over into Vermont that it might be a good idea to check in on them and see if things are still going strong.

My previous review focused on their breakfast (in particular, the rather good eggs Benedict I ended up having, with a top-notch Hollandaise sauce on it), so this time we ended up getting lunch. I opted for the grilled cheese and ham, and Carol opted for the shepherd’s pie.

The Ham and Cheese was actually really well done for such a basic sandwich, using a good crusty bread, above-average ham (instead of the generic pink “ham and water product” stuff most places use), and Cabot cheese. The potato salad was also the exact sort of potato salad I really like, with the primary ingredients being soft potatoes (instead of those “potato” salads that are mostly mayo or egg) with just a little bit of bacon. Carol’s Shepherd’s Pie was pretty good as well, with some nicely browned beef and a nicely crisped potato topping that didn’t taste like instant flakes.

Overall, I’d say that it was quite pleasant checking in at Wasp’s Diner; they’ve still got a good thing going.

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