Paper Moon Diner (Baltimore, MD)

Last month, Carol and I had a quick mini-vacation trip to the DC area (actually, it started as a business trip, but the business part got canceled and I decided to go anyways). Seeing that the fares from MHT to BWI are crazy-cheap ($118 RT at the moment), it was easy enough to fly through Baltimore, where we got picked up by my friend Betsy, and we met up with several other online friends at Paper Moon Diner.

The first thing that really stands out about Paper Moon Diner is the decor. You know those kids that instead of just playing with their toys take them apart? I think they hired one of those kids to do the interior decorating. The main diner room is filled with all sorts of action figures (including some fairly recent ones, like Treebeard) and Pez dispensers. The front dining room is filled with random “stuff” (like a blender), and the back room, where we ended up getting seated, is filled with Barbies and partial mannequins. It’s definitely a trippy experience, especially late at night.

Food-wise, the Paper Moon Diner features what’s becoming increasingly common these days, the “upscale diner fare.” Burgers. Fries. Omelets. Sandwiches. You know the drill. With a few interesting items, like the deep-fried green beans. Carol and I ended up getting sandwiches, myself getting a club sandwich, and Carol opting for the turkey and cranberry sandwich. I rather liked the sandwich (it had real sliced turkey breast, and not some of the “turkey-flavored cold cuts” that we’re increasingly seeing these days, and it was on good bread. But I can’t say I was overwhelmed by it. It was a good sandwich. It wasn’t a great one.

One of the other folks in our party got one of the burgers, and that actually looks like where the real action is. A big 1/2 lb burger loaded with topping.

I’d like to give this place another try, especially when I’m in a breakfast mood instead of a dinner one. It’s definitely an interesting place, but was it worth the wait? Maybe not. Next time I need dinner in Baltimore I’m getting pit beef again.

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