Coronis Market (Newport, NH)

Today’s post is about guilty pleasures, and the eating of food that you either know or suspect is (a) unhealthy, and (b) of slightly dubious quality, but for some reason you feel compelled to enjoy it.

One of the best examples I can think of is Coronis Market, in Newport, NH. I’m not even sure I’d call Coronis a convenience store, it’s one of those “beer, beverage, and munchies” store in Newport.

However, they advertise on all their signage that they have “Famous Grinders”, which at one point several years ago compelled me to actually try one (unlike Birney’s Mini Mart down the road in Claremont, that advertises their bizarre “Famous Fried Chicken, Coldest in Town”, but doesn’t actually have fried chicken anymore).

There’s something oddly compelling about the grinders at Coronis. They aren’t made from the finest ingredients (indeed, to first inspection, everything is right off of the Sysco truck, although they do nicely slice the cold cuts to order), . They aren’t toasted or anything special like that. And the ingredient are pretty much your standard sub toppings (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, some sort of homemade “sandwich dressing”, salt, pepper). But, somehow, the result is a sub that’s definitely not a culinary award winner, but oddly tasty. I’m suspecting that there’s some magical combination here at work, with a little bit of the spongy bread, the tangy and fatty sandwich dressing, and the salty and fatty cold cuts that combines perfectly to give a flavorful snack. It’s oddly reminiscent of the $0.75 subs my high school sold, which were also good in that hard-to-define-horribly-unhealthy-but-delicious way.

I wouldn’t want one of these every day, but they are a pretty good treat after a hike.

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