Umpleby’s (Hanover, NH)

In one of the more anticipated changes in the local restaurant scene, Umpleby’s new location at 3 South Street in Hanover (approximately where the hardware store used to be before the big South Main/South Street construction happened) is now open, so Finn and I decided to head over there for Sunday breakfast before heading out for a hike.

Previously located in Bridgewater, Umpleby’s has been known for several years as the go-to people for croissants and meat pies at the Norwich Farmers Market. Indeed, either the Umpleby’s line would be quite long, or they’d be sold out.

Finn and I opted for a chocolate croissant each, and we split a chicken, mushroom, and leek pie (shown at right). I rather like the croissants here, they have a much more substantial body and good flakiness reminding me of some of the better croissants I’ve had in Europe (although I’ll always lobby for more butter, unhealthy as it is). The meat pie was quite good as well, with chicken and mushroom bits nicely nested into a pastry crust with a nice savory sauce. We both rather enjoyed this breakfast, even though we’ve had it several times before (albeit while walking around the farmers market).

In any case, I’m quite happy with their new location. It’s fairly spacious (about a dozen tables), they’ve got an espresso maker, and, for those of you just familiar with buying their products from the stand at the market, you can get your meat pies heated now.

So, go try out Umpleby’s before the crowds start to form there as well…

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  1. Anonymous 28 Jan 2008 at 06:32 #

    Hmm, I googled “coffee supply stores hanover new hampshire” and this came up on the page. Good thing though, because I’ve decided to finally try Umpleby’s…

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