Demetri’s Family Restaurant (Buffalo, NY)

(Update:Demetri’s closed in 2014. Some awesome hot dogs can still be found across the street at Ted’s, some good food and custard just down the road at Anderson’s)

This year for Christmas, we decided to visit Carol’s relatives in Michigan, which means a long drive across VT, NY, and ON. To break up the drive, we spent the night in Buffalo, NY.

While I have several places in Buffalo that I like (such as the original Ted’s Hot Dogs, or Schwabl’s), and several that I’d like to visit again (Duff’s, Anchor Bar, …), a Monday night at 11pm isn’t the best time, sice most every place is closed. So we punted and went to Denny’s, while deciding for find a good breakfast joint.

Consulting my Buffalo-area contacts, two people recommended Demetri’s Family Restaurant in Buffalo as a good, cheap, Greek breakfast joint, so we went by to check it out.

It’s a nice, friendly Greek breakfast joint. Especially since they do a good job making some of the better Greek items available for breakfast.

I opted for the Souvlaki and Eggs, which was a hearty portion of nicely marinated souvlaki with eggs and home fries. Carol opted for the similar Gyro and eggs.

Overall, we liked Demetri’s. The staff was friendly. The interior pleasant, the food flavorful, plentiful, and cheap.

However, I’m still worried that “spamokopita” wasn’t a typo.

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