Cajun Kitchen (Santa Barbara, CA)

Today’s breakfast was at Cajun Kitchen in Santa Barbara.

Cajun isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Santa Barbara, but this place has enough diversity that I’m not particularly surprised that this place made the top of several people’s recommendation for a good breakfast joint (including my brother the Secret Service agent and several folks over at

I rather enjoyed Cajun Kitchen. It’s set up as your basic breakfast joint/coffee shop, with a counter for people like me that are eating by themselves.

Menu-wise, the breakfast choices are mostly your basic eggs and sides, with a heavy representation of both Cajun and Mexican ingredients (chorizo and several salsa dishes). While the person down the counter from me had a dish with some excellent looking salsa fresca on it, I opted for the Cajun Eggs (with cajun sausage) with hashbrowns and wheat toast.

All in all, this was a solidly good breakfast on all levels. The eggs were nicely scrambled (and people that know me also know that I usually avoid scrambled eggs since I’m picky about them), with a very generous portion of diced sausage mixed in. The hashbrowns were also nicely down, with a nice brown crisp on the outside, and a nice creamy fully-cooked inside. Top that off with some hot sauce and Tony Chachere’s Creole seasoning, and it was a pleasantly spicy meal.

No cons on this place, everything was good. The service was friendly, my coffee promptly topped off, and the ambiance that of a nice, friendly neighborhood joint.

So, Cajun Kitchen is a definite recommendation of mine for folks looking for a good, solid breakfast in Santa Barbara.

Cajun Kitchen
1924 De La Vina
Santa Barbara, CA
(plus 3 more locations around Santa Barbara/Goleta)

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