Anderson’s Custard (Buffalo, NY)

Duff’s wasn’t our only visit in Buffalo, however. After a good round of wings, you find yourself with some fire in the belly (and, if not careful, on ones lips and fingers as well), and I always find it’s good to follow up with some ice cream.

Well, Allie’s family is of the same general belief, so when we finished up at Duff’s, they suggested heading a few miles west on Sheridan to check out Anderson’s Custard. Anderson’s is one of the more prominent Buffalo-area custard chains, with about a dozen locations scattered through the Buffalo area. And they aren’t just a custard joint, they’ve got a full food menu as well, with various sandwiches, fries, and the Buffalo-obligatory beef-on-weck.

I don’t normally review soft-serve places on Offbeat Eats, but I’ll have to say, Anderson’s has a particularly creamy and delicious custard going on, with a rather pleasant texture. Combine that with the fact that they use real cream, and our Turtle Sundae (with butterscotch, chocolate, and pecans) was a particularly enjoyable dessert, and indeed, one of the best ways to follow up an evening at Duff’s. I’ll have to come back at some point and check out the rest of their menu.

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