The Hindquarter (Burlington, VT)

(2021 Update: The Hindquarter is still with us, usually found at Beaudry’s Store in Huntington, VT. I’ve updated the address accordingly)

I always enjoy a good hot dog truck, especially ones that can really have fun with the concept. For example, about 6 months ago I really got to enjoy Asia Dog, a funky Asian-inspired hot dog vendor in New York City. So when wandering through Eat X NE in Burlington, one food truck caught my eye, The Hindquarter.

The Hindquarter drives around Burlington’s South End in a converted Rescue Squad red truck, serving up a variety of sandwiches, soul food, and sausages to hungry eaters. For Eat X NE, they had a nice broad menu, focusing on fried whole belly clams (clam strips are the work of the devil!), their take on a Banh Mi, a smoked chicken sandwich, and a chile relleno. But one item in particular attracted my attention: the simply named Jumbo Hot Dog.

Why? It’s simple: this was no standard hot dog. Indeed, nothing about this hot dog was usual: the dog itself was a custom-made subtantial coarse-grind sausage, cooked up by splaying it on the grill for a nice char. Add in some kimchi relish (I’m a sucker for just about anything kimchi-related, admittedly), some scallion, and some spicy aioli, and the hot dog was now partnered with some very flavorful and crunchy toppings. Add in a homemade roll that was amply and crust, served up in the proper New England-style top-split roll, and this was a very nicely done hot dog, each bit containing bits of spicy sausage, some nice kimchi, some soothing aioli, and the crunch of onion. I was thoroughly satisfied.

While I found them at Eat X NE in Oakledge Park in Burlington, like any food truck, finding the Hindquarter can take some sleuthing, starting with their Facebook page. But it’s worth tracking them down: they’ve got some great menu items, and a wonderful take on the traditional hot dog. I’ll certainly be tracking them down.

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