Gold Star Restaurant (Worcester, MA)

(Update: Unfortunately, Gold Star is among the restaurants that didn’t survive the Covid shutdown)

One of my favorite breakfast item is corned beef hash. And, as I mentioned recently in my review of Bode’s, it’s one of those dishes that’s easy to do poorly, but hard to do really well.

It’s also one of the food items that I get a lot of recommendations for. I’ve often had people recommend places to me for good CBH, and a majority of the time, I’m disappointed, since I usually end up with something that’s either canned CBH, or a faithfully executed homemade replica of canned CBH. So when one of my homebrewing friends gave a strong recommendation for the Gold Star Restaurant in Worcester having the “best hash ever,” I responded with some skepticism, but put it on my hit list.

Almost a year later, I finally found myself in Worcester around breakfast time, and instead of hitting up on of Worcester’s many diner-car diners, I made it a point to check out Gold Star.

I’m glad I did. The hash didn’t disappoint me, This was some seriously good hash, with real spice, flavor, and a nice combination of textures, perfectly seared on the griddle, and nicely complemented with some perfectly scrambled eggs. Probably tied with Al’s Breakfast in Minneapolis for the best hash I’ve ever had, and the fact that my CBH, eggs, toast, and coffee set me back a whopping $6, I’m very impressed. I hope to try out some of the rest of Gold Star’s menu on my next trip down.

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  1. Adam Young 07 Jul 2009 at 07:14 #


    I drive by this place probably 3 times a week, and I've never been in. I love CBH and I will have to try it. If I go by early enough in the morning I see a line of people waiting for it to open. My current favorite CBH is at Jake’s Restaurant & Coffee Shop in Marlborough.

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