Bode’s Corned Beef House (Plymouth, MI)

When it comes to breakfast, one thing I really like is a good Corned Beef Hash (CBH). It’s one of those breakfast items that really tells you how good a kitchen a breakfast joint really has. Some places just serve pre-made canned CBH right out of the can (which can actually be quite good if cooked well with a nice sear, actually). And many places make their own. Sometimes the result is ambrosial (Al’s Breakfast in Minneapolis). Sometimes the result is mediocre (I’m talkin’ to you, Denny’s!). And, sometimes, inexplicably, a restaurant will go to all the trouble of dicing potatoes, grinding meat, and making spices, going through all the right motions, but somehow end up with something that’s nearly indistinguishable from the canned stuff. It truly baffles me, since I’ve been to all sorts of places that people have highly recommended for their homemade hash, and gotten something that easily could be mistaken for Hormel.

With this in mind, on our Christmas trip to Michigan, we again visited Plymouth, MI, and I again noted Bode’s Corned Beef House, which has been on my “I should try them out” list for a while. With our schedule, it was easier to go their for breakfast, so I soon found myself with Carol and some of her family, and, since the place is named the “Corned Beef House”, I simply had to order the CBH breakfast.

Bode’s makes their own CBH, and, overall, is a good example of a place that basically duplicates canned CBH. I guess that’s a bit harsh. Actually, the overall taste and texture of Bode’s CBH was good, with a nice sear on it from the griddle. The overall flavor was slightly less spicy than I like, but the corned beef itself did have a nice tang going to it. I’d give this 6/10 on the CBH scale: a good overall effort, but nothing to write home about. What did work well here was the eggs, Bode’s served up my CBH with two perfectly-poached eggs. The result was a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast, especially since it only cost me $4.25.

I will have to go back and get a corned beef sandwich, at some point…

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  1. David 25 Nov 2009 at 19:42 #

    I live about a 5 minute walk from Bode's. We go about once a year. But, everytime we go, we wonder why we don't go more. Maybe its our small kids. Anyway, our favorite is the Corned Beef and Slaw Sandwich. But, I need to try the CBH next time. Nice atmosphere, cheap, and pretty darned good food for the price.

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