Belmont Hall (Manchester, NH)

Every spring, I go with the local high school FIRST Robotics team down to compete at Manchester, New Hampshire, for three or four days. Usually this means that I have a few hours to explore the local food scene a bit more. In the past, that’s pretty much the way I discovered the Red Arrow Diner, Greg’s Place, Golden Bowl, and Gauchos Churrascaria. (And I should actually write up all of these, too.)

This time, I made a concerted effort to find someplace good for breakfast that was off the beaten track. A quick web search lead me to Belmont Hall, at the corner of Grove and Belmont SE of the Verizon Arena.

This is definitely a place for locals, being well off the normal throughways through town. The restaurant itself is half function hall, and half dining room, tucked away in a little residential area.

I obviously had stumbled across a local treasure, however, since the place was thoroughly packed on the Saturday morning I was there. And it was obvious from the plates of waffles, pancakes, and hash coming from the kitchen that the food was good.

After looking at the menu, I ended up settling on the pulled pork hash, a dish which I haven’t seen before, but seemed like a good idea. Carol ended up getting the pancake special, which looked good as well.

I’ll have to say, the hash was very pleasurable: the pulled pork was good, added a nice sweetness to the dish, and the potatoes were nicely crisped and not greasy.


1. Hash browns. Most places in New England don’t have shredded hashbrowns. Belmont Hall does.

2. Inventiveness. Several of the menu items were fairly creative, but good, such as my pulled pork

3. Price. While not the cheapest breakfast in Manchvegas, Carol and I made it out of there thoroughly stuffed for around $15

Cons: None. I had a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast.

I’ll definitely add Belmont Hall to my list of places to grab breakfast when I’m in Manchester. And I look forward to trying lunch there at some point as well.

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