Northside Diner (Bennington, VT)

(Update: Northside Diner has closed)

Last weekend, we had a free day, and decided to us this opportunity to go see some of the fall colors (due to our trip to Miami, most of the leaves will be gone by the time we get back). After discussing many possible destinations with good colors, we settled on Bennington, VT.

We were planning on eating at the Blue Benn Diner (which gets really good reviews), but, unfortunately, the Blue Benn had a kitchen fire and was closed for several days. The guy in the parking lot recommended the Northside Diner as a good alternative.

And it was. About a mile down the road from the Blue Benn, the Northside Diner is a quiet diner at the edge of a residential area, and seems to be a family favorite for a lot of the locals. While still having the classic counter service of a diner, they’ve also renovated at some point to include a nice large dining room.

The menu at the Northside is your basic diner fare, with eggs, pancakes, omelets, and the like. However, both Carol and I settled on some of the specials. I got the House Special, and Carol got the pancake sampler.

My “House Special” was Homefries and bacon topped with two eggs and mozzarrella. I enjoyed it, it was reminiscent of several “skillet” breakfasts I’ve had elsewhere. The CBH I got as a side was was good as well, with a nice sear on it.

Carol’s pancake sampler was a trio of pancakes: Cranberry Walnut, Banana Walnut, and Pumpkin Pecan. Good fluffy pancakes, and the variety was nice.

Overall, we liked the Northside Diner, and had a pleasant breakfast. Hopefully the Blue Benn is up and running again as well.

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