Baited Hook (Lebanon, NH)

(Update: Since this review, Baited Hook has changed owners, twice. The current owner since 2020 is running quite a nice show, you can see my re-review here

You know the place. Every area has one. That restaurant that most everyone knows exists, but, for some reason, never thinks of actually going there to eat.

In my case, that place is the Baited Hook restaurant in Lebanon, NH, on the west shore of Mascoma Lake (yes, folks, that is Lebanon, go look on a map…). It’s a small restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating, and an ice cream window for the nicer months. I’ve seen this place every time I’ve driven down Rt 4A since moving here, but for some reason I never thought of stopping in.

Recently, however, I was craving a good cheeseburger. Normally, I would have ducked into Salt hill Pub in Lebanon for a good burger, but due to other obligations, I had already been to Salt hill twice that week, and wanted to try someplace else. Interestingly enough, my recommendation on where I could get a good cheeseburger was given to me by my friend Leslie in Florida (who used to live in Lebanon), who told me that the Baited Hook made her favorite cheeseburger. So I got in the convertible, put the top down, and took a nice scenic backroad drive from my office to Mascoma Lake.

Baited Hook has your basic “burger shack” menu and layout: a counter where you place your order, and then you sit down in either their indoor dining room or the nice scenic outdoor patio overlooking Mascoma lake.

I ended up getting a straight up cheeseburger and fries. While slightly expensive (around $9 with a Coke), this was quite a good burger: nice and juicy, good sear on the meat, and a decent toasted bun. Only thing I didn’t like was the shredded lettuce. All-in-all, a close second place to the burgers at Salt hill, and a nice view to enjoy with your burger.

Overall, I liked the Baited Hook. I rather enjoyed my burger and fries, the view is nice, and they have a decent patio. I’ll probably come back some more.

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