Zeret Kitchen (Camberwell, London, UK)

For our last major meal in the UK this trip, my brother and his wife took us out to Zeret Kitchen in Camberwell, which is a nice Ethiopian place that Sophie discovered through work.

I’ve always enjoyed Ethiopian food, and was lucky enough when I lived in Minneapolis to have several Ethiopian places to choose from. Unfortunately, after moving to New England, I haven’t seen one in ages.

Apparently, they aren’t all that common in London, either, but Sophie knew about Zeret.

We got an assortment of items, all spread out here, including Chicken Tib (sauteed chicken), Kitfo (rare marinated beef), and Wat (stew), and a variety of vegetables, all served with spongy injera.

While I’m never 100% comfortable with the whole “spoon up the meal using your hands and the injera” thing, it generally works quite well for its purpose: the bread makes for a nice base for the tangy dishes, and adds a nice textural component.

All-in-all, we enjoyed Zeret Kitchen, the staff was very friendly, and it was one of the best Ethiopian places I’ve been to.

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