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Zeret Kitchen Redux (Camberwell, London, UK)

On our last night in London, it was time to pay another visit to one of my old favorites, Zeret Kitchen in Camberwell. We reviewed them back in 2008, when they were a shining beacon of flavor in an otherwise fairly dismal stretch of Camberbell. You can read my 5 year old review here. Well, the intervening five years has seen one major change, since they’ve recently expanded into the next storefront (where it still says "Tony’s Cafe"). But more importantly, the food is still excellent.

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Zeret Kitchen (Camberwell, London, UK)

For our last major meal in the UK this trip, my brother and his wife took us out to Zeret Kitchen in Camberwell, which is a nice Ethiopian place that Sophie discovered through work. I’ve always enjoyed Ethiopian food, and was lucky enough when I lived in Minneapolis to have several Ethiopian places to choose from. Unfortunately, after moving to New England, I haven’t seen one in ages. Apparently, they aren’t all that common in London, either, but Sophie knew about Zeret.

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