Manchester Diner (Manchester, NH)

(Update: The Manchester Diner Closed in mid-2009)

After years of visiting Manchester’s famous Red Arrow Diner, I figured it was worth checking out downtown Manchester’s other diner, the Manchester Diner on Hanover St.

I recall that this place has been here as a diner for a while under other names (I think the last incarnation was the Golden Oldies Diner), so it’s one of those slightly gritty and worn-around the edges cozy diners that most any New England city like Manchester used to have dozens of, with your basic lunch counter and a few tables, and a few black and white photos and knick-knacks. It also appears to be owner-operated.

The place has basic diner fare, with the traditional egg dishes, hash, french toast, and such (as well as similar lunch items). I opted for the special, which was a hash benedict (at right), while Carol opted for the french toast.

Overall, I was pleased with my breakfast. It wasn’t the most photogenic benedict I’ve had, but it was quite tasty. The eggs weren’t poached, but were perfectly fried. The potatoes and hash were perfectly crisped. The hollandaise sauce nicely textured and tangy. All in all, a solid 8/10 on my Benedict scale. Carol did similarly well with her French toast.

Add to that a very friendly owner and a few friendly regulars, and it was also a friendly place for breakfast. I’m still a very loyal fan of the Red Arrow, but was pleased that Manchester’s other downtown diner can serve up a good breakfast.

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