Lee’s Sandwiches (Chandler, AZ)

I first noticed this place while driving through Chandler, AZ in the evening. It stood out due to the brightly lit interior, large crowd, and bright “Baguette Factory” sign inside. During discussion with my parents, they mentioned that it’s one of their favorite lunch spots, so we decided to go there for lunch on my way to the airport.

The menu here has two sides, “Euro” sandwiches (a variety of ham and other cold cut sandwiches) and “Asian Sandwiches (mostly Vietnamese style sandwiches, such as a Banh Mi). I opted for a Banh Mi Bi (at right), which is generally one of my favorite sandwiches. My parents opted for ham sandwiches from the Euro menu.

The iced coffee is quite good, done in the Vietnamese style (with plenty of dark drip coffee and sweetened condensed milk). Apparently, during the week you can get some nice fresh cream cakes, but this isn’t the case on Sunday morning.


1. For the money, this was a very good sandwich. The bread nice and crusty, the shredded pork nice and flavorful (but a bit stingy), and the pickled veggies nice and crisp. Quite the deal for $2.45

2. This is also a good place for a very good cup of iced coffee, or if you need to pick up a cheap baguette.


1. I’ve had much better Banh Mi sandwiches, and many that were more generous, but this one was fairly tasty, and since it only cost $2.45, I’ll give it some credit.

2. Cash only (part of the reason for the low prices)

Lee’s Sandwich Shop
1901 W Warner Road
Chandler, AZ
(as wells as several California and Texas locations)

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  1. Jason 02 Dec 2007 at 01:02 #

    I really enjoy Lee’s. I definitely prefer the croissant to the baguette though. Their drinks are very good too. They have such an interesting selection, it makes me want to keep going back.

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