Dixie’s Restaurant (Sharon, VT)

(In August 2011, Dixie’s closed due to damage from Tropical Storm Irene, and was razed a few years later)

Since Brooksie’s in Sharon, VT burnt down a few years back, I haven’t really been back to eat in town. However, several times driving between Sharon and Royalton I noticed Dixie’s and an ice cream stand, and figured that at some point I’d try them out.

Well, this weekend, Carol and I had to go up to Burlington, so this was a handy opportunity for us to check out Dixie’s.

Myself, I had to do my regular order of Biscuits and Gravy, while Carol had a stack of pancakes.

1. Dixie’s has one of the most efficient short order cooks I’ve seen in the Upper Valley. He could easily keep up with the waitstaff without breaking a sweat.
2. The gravy in my biscuits and gravy was well done. Creamy, nice bits of nicely crisped-up sausage, and not overwhelmingly salty. Indeed, one of the better breakfast gravies I’ve had.
3. This place is just far enough off of I-89 that it has a healthy mix of locals to talk to.

1. The biscuit, on the other hand, was subpar. However, I usually let this slide, since most of New England needs to go to remedial biscuit school. Seriously, if some uvScenesters know where I can find good southern style biscuits, let me know.
2. Service was a bit slow, but it was a holiday weekend. I don’t think they are usually quite as busy.

All in all, if I’m in the area, I’m probably a bit more likely to do Eaton’s Sugarhouse up the road in Royalton, but Dixie’s was a fairly pleasant meal and I wouldn’t hesitate to stop in again.

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  1. josh french 28 Jan 2008 at 00:57 #

    Well I remember eating at Dixie’s restaurant when I was in Elementary school because my friend’s dad owned it and now I am in The United States Marine Corps and I have been “around” the food industry and I can honestly say this small town restaurant ranks up there with the best.
    -Josh French

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