Tip Top Cafe (White River Junction, VT)

(Update: Tip Top Cafe closed in 2010. Currently at that location is Thyme Restaurant)

Saturday, I got up too late to do one of my diner reviews. But, lunch time was rolling around, so after 30 minutes of checking out the latest at the Cooler Gallery, Carol and I headed over to the Tip Top Cafe to check out the third cafe to inhabit this nice little spot for lunch (since it was lunchtime, and they don’t do breakfast).

We had quite a good lunch at the Tip Top. While the lunch menu is your basic “soups and sandwiches” menu, the items on the menu are actually fairly creative. My roast beef sandwich (the “Full of Bull”) had some nice caramelized onions and a horseradish mayo on it (although it was basically on a bulky roll, and I think something a little more hearty would’ve worked better), while Carol’s ham sandwich had a fig jam on it (the “Hammy Jammy”), and both were served with a nicely dressed but not overdone green salad. We also shared a nice cup of tomato basil soup that was tangy and not overly salty.

Overall, we had no complaints. The service was friendly and efficient, the food was both creative and good, and the portions were reasonable (neither oversized nor stingy). A bit too pricey for a regular lunchtime destination, but not too pricey to keep me from coming back on occasion when I’m in WRJ.

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