Biscotti Brothers Cafe (Lake George, NY)

The very end of June had us heading out to scenic Lake George with a bunch of friends for Ohana By The Lake, a three-day celebration of Tiki culture, rum, and basic fun sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Moai (of which I am a member), held at the scenic Tiki Resort, one ofAmerica’s last best existing examples of mid-century American Tiki culture. But it also gave us a chance to explore the Lake George area, with it’s many, many mini-golf courses, scenic vistas, boardwalk, and the like. One little place we found for breakfast was just across from The Tiki: Biscotti Brothers.

Run by the same folks that run Giuseppe’s Pizza down the road (indeed, on both our visits to Biscotti Brothers, the staff were all wearing Giuseppe’s Pizza shirts), and they’ve basically got a large dining area and a modest outdoor patio absolutely filled with tables (like most anything in Lake George, the summer season is a bit frenetic and the crowds often large). Menu-wise, this is a classic American breakfast joint: a nice selection of omelets, Benedicts, pancakes, crepes, and the like (Oddly, not a lot of biscotti on the menu, but in a nod to the name they do bring you a small bit of biscotti as you get seated).

I opted for to go for an omelet, and ended up selecting a combination I don’t regularly see on menus: their Italian omelet, with hard salami, onions, peppers, and provolone. I ended up rather liking this combination; I’m always a sucker for provolone (one of my favorite softer cheeses), and the salami and peppers gave a rather nice bite to this omelet. The omelet itself was nicely cooked, and the home fries nice and crispy without being deep-fried. Overall, a nice, sound breakfast.

Carol did quite well with her breakfast as well: a nice take on a Benedict. Building on jumbo-sized English muffins, some well-poached eggs, a nice slab of Canadian bacon, and a nice slightly tangy Hollandaise, and this was a solid take on a classic Benedict.

Overall, we liked Biscotti Brothers, enough that we even came back on Sunday as we were leaving town. It’s a nice place, with a good classic American menu. Oh, and their sister restaurant Giuseppe’s does a good pizza as well. I’ll definitely come back on future visits.

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