German Food Truck (Portobello Road, London, UK)

Despite “eating” being one of the more substantial goals of our annual “Death March” tradition, there aren’t a lot of reviews from the walk along the way, mostly since Death March dining is primarily a matter of “grazing” as we hit various markets, train stations, and other light dining opportunities. However, we did find a few interesting and notable places along the way. The first of these was at London’s Portobello Road market. Portobello Road has long been known for its antique stores and Saturday morning market where people set up shop at various stalls hawking their antiques. But in recent years, it has increasingly become a street food market, with both a few vendors intermixed among the antiques, and a larger dedicate food market along Cambridge Gardens right after Portobello road passes under the A40, and a few of the vendors throughout Portobello Street are actually quite good and notable. One of these that caught our attention was a truck simply named “German Food”.

As far as I can tell searching online, “German Food” only sells food at the Portobello Street Market (in stall 59, if you want to be specific, and from what I can tell they’ve been selling there for quite a long time). It would be easy enough to write a quick review of this place as “does what it says on the tin”, since they do sell a variety of German food items, particularly sausages, frikadellen, and schnitzels. But, looking over the menu and talking with the pleasant staff, the real attraction here is in what else they sell, since “German Food” also sells a number of other Eastern European sausages, particularly when we visited selling Ukrainian, Polish, and Hungarian sausages. Indeed, that’s what I got: a spicy Hungarian sausage served up with some hot mustard, onions, and peppers on a crusty roll; the result was a very pleasantly spicy kolbasz with a fine grind of pork, more than a little pepper and paprika, and even a bit of caraway. While slightly pricey at £4.50, this was a tasty, nicely grilled sausage. I wouldn’t mind going back and trying their bratwurst or the very delicious-looking boneless chicken they were also grilling up.

So, nothing fancy, but one of the better sausage stands I’ve found around London, and certainly a welcome refreshment stop on our (20 mile) walk.

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