Reservoir (Montreal, QC)

One of the things I like about Montreal is that it has a rather good assortment of brewpubs. Dieu du Ciel, Le Cheval Blanc, and Reservoir being amongst my favorites. The last of these also has a rather fine pub menu, including items such as steak tartare, fish and chips, and the like.

But that’s not why I’m writing about them (indeed, I’ve not actually sampled their dinner menu, although it always looks phenomenal). I’m actually writing about their brownie.

That’s right, their brownie. I’ll be honest, while I like brownies, I’m generally not wowed by them at restaurants. For every good brownie I get at a restaurant, I am equally likely to get some sort of chocolate cake masquerading as a brownie, or some leaden chocolate-flavored lump. But every once in a while, I actually do find a brownie that’s actually a great brownie (in this case, my friends Rick and Sarah found it for me). Reservoir’s brownie is a stout brownie, served up with whipped cream and stout syrup.

And let me tell you, it’s one of the best brownies I’ve ever had: the top and bottom of the brownie were nicely crisped up. The interior was soft and chewy, without being gooey. It had a rich, thick, chocolate flavor complemented with a bit of malt, and the result is the perfect combination of brownie goodness. The stout syrup served with it was a bonus: this was a perfect brownie without it, but the light, malty, and even slightly hoppy sweet syrup combined nicely with the brownie and whip cream to make a near perfect dessert.

Probably the only competition I’ve had for it in recent history is my current favorite brownie: the Stout Brownie from Flat Branch Brewery in Columbia, MO (which I haven’t actually visited with a camera during the lifetime of this blog… I’m overdue). I’ve included a picture here, since it’s a similarly wonderful brownie: crusty exterior, moist, rich interior, and deep chocolate notes not overwhelmed with sugar.

At some point I need to go back to Reservoir for more of their great beer, and to try out the dinner menu, but I’ll be going back for the brownie itself. And that’s a rare accomplishment.

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