Plow (San Francisco, CA)

I’ve had an uncharacteristically calm summer, with barely any traveling (although… I’m getting ready for another Michigan trip, followed by a Delaware trip…). Which is actually pleasant for a change, but it has also left me with few reviews to add to the site (I’ve got some local places that I still need to photograph). But going over my Flickr feed, I realized that I never actually finished my San Francisco reviews, since I never finished my writeup for Plow.

The day after the Death March, I unsurprisingly found myself rather hungry (walking across most of San Francisco will do that to you), so Steve and Emily took me to Plow in the Potrero Hill neighborhood (walking about, including checking out a rather cool antiques store, while waiting for our name to come to the top of the waiting list). A relatively new restaurant, Plow focuses on breakfast and lunch, focusing on quality ingredients. We settled in at a pleasant table outside on the sidewalk and watched the other diners as we perused the menu.

The next table over from ours ordered up a vanilla cream donut, and it was definitely one of those cases of contagious food, since once I took a look at it, I decided I need to have one as well. I’m glad I did, since it was a nicely fried up donut (the bottom was nicely crisp), with a perfectly done cream. While not quite a Dynamo Donut, this was indeed a nice donut.

I opted for The Plow, the basic breakfast special of eggs, lemon ricotta pancakes, home fries, and bacon. A good overall breakfast. Perfectly done homefries. A really nice pair of lemon ricotta pancakes, probably the best I’ve had since Norma’s in Le Parker Meridien in New York City. Two nicely done eggs, cooked just right. And a few strips of crisp bacon.

The last of these was from Nueske’s in Wisconsin. I’m always surprised how far away from Wisconsin you can find that stuff, since it seems to be on all sorts of menus from New York to California. It’s good stuff, too, but I always wonder if some of my more favorite bacons (like North Country Smokehouse Cob Smoked Bacon or something from Nodine’s) could do the same if they had some better marketing.

In any case, it all worked. Nothing earth-shaking here, but indeed a plate of solid, well-done food. I certainly would like to come back and explore more of the menu.

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