Obrycki’s (BWI Airport, MD)

We’re all familiar with the great quandary when traveling, which is where to eat. Most airport restaurants aren’t terribly well known, are expensive, and generally serve sub-par food. However, when traveling, I occasionally come across a gem that’s worth noting (Burger Joint in San Francisco and Milltowne Grille in Manchester, to name two). Obrycki’s is another one of these places that’s head and shoulders above the rest (although not without it’s flaws).

Obyrcki’s is an airport branch of the venerable on Pratt Street over in Baltimore, long known as a quality vendor of crab cakes. The BWI location is but a mere shadow of the real Obrycki’s, but they have the two menu items I’d consider most important: crab cakes, and the crabby mary. Otherwise, it’s mostly random sandwiches and snacks, but, hey, this *is* an airport.

There are several things I like about the BWI Obrycki’s:

1. The staff there understands that they are in an airport, and that a large fraction of their clientele is actually on a tight schedule. This is pretty important for me in an airport location of any restaurant.

2. The crab cake sliders (three little crab cakes on buns, one each with cocktail, remoulade, and tartar sauce) are very flavorful and moist crabcakes, and this makes a nice meal that’s pleasant but not heavy. Overall, these are top notch crab cakes, although I’m always disappointed that they serve this with some fairly tired potato chips just tossed on a plate.

3. Free wifi with a purchase over $5. Very useful for both the business and casual traveler.

4. They’ve got a reasonably good selection of cocktails and beers, including the Crabby Mary (bloody mary made with Old Bay, basically).

All-in-all, it’s well above average airport fare, and worth it if you need some food while traveling.

BWI Airport, Gate B-9 (approximate)
Baltimore, MD

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