Jewell’s Chip Shop (Newlyn, Cornwall, UK)

A visit to England isn’t complete without at least one trip to a good fish and chip shop (a “chippy”) for one of England’s hallmark fast food dish: the fish and chips.

Most of our trip had us in London or inland Cornwall, but we did have one day in which we got to visit the south coast of Cornwall, including St Michael’s Mount, Penzanze, and Newlyn. The last of these, Newlyn, is a slightly gritty fishing village which still has a fairly active fleet of fishing trawlers and the like. And, right across the street from the harbour was Jewell’s Fish and Chips, shown here.

Carol and I were hungry for a nice mid-afternoon snack–our Cornish hosts were indeed feeding us well, so we decided to split an order of Haddock and Chips. We enjoyed a bit of pleasant teasing from the employees about our lack of a proper Cornish accent, but the staff was friendly enough, and recommended that haddock over some of the other fish varieties they had that day.

When we got our order, we took it across the street to eat at a little park. The quality of the fish was good: nicely cooked haddock (but not overcooked), and a nice light breading that was light, crispy, and not soggy. The chips were quite good as well, being crispy and not limp.

Overall, a good snack, and it allowed us to say that we’d had a proper fish and chips meal on this visit.

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