Bobby’s Girl Diner (New Hampton, NH)

Bobby’s Girl Sign
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(Bobby’s Girl Diner closed in 2009.  I hear that it reopened as the 104 Diner, but haven’t yet been back)

Coming back from a hike in the White Mountains, Carol and I were both craving a hearty dinner, so we decided to swing back home via the Lakes Region (note that travel between the White Mountains and Grantham is a classic case of “can’t get there from here”, since the roads all go perpendicular to that route). From my few previous trips out there, I recalled that the New Hampton and Meredith area had a few decent-looking restaurants, so we decided to swing down that way.

Sure enough, we happened upon Bobby’s Girl Diner, a classic Worcester Diner Car (with a large dining room added on to the back), and decided to stop there (later we came across Hart’s Turkey Farm, which is what I had been thinking of, so we’ll try that place next time). We both had the open face turkey sandwich with cole slaw, which was quite generous, with nice, chunky skin-on mashed potatoes, the turkey of reasonable quality, sliced from a whole breast, and the bread was nicely toasted. Overall, a nice way to round out a day of hiking in the mountains.

1. The portions were good and reasonably priced.
2. The food was decent, and not overly salty. Nothing fancy, but they seem to have basic diner food under control.
3. This places is loaded to the rafters with 50’s motif trinkets.

1. No credit cards.
2. Oddly, they don’t seem to regularly use the “diner car” part of the restaurant.
3. This places is loaded to the rafters with 50’s motif trinkets. 🙂

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  1. Marc 18 Sep 2006 at 15:22 #

    We were at Bobby’s Girl yesterday on the way home from Jackson. It’s a neat little diner! The food is pretty decent, though there are probably better diners in New England. But the atmosphere is great!

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