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Miss Bellows Falls Diner (Bellows Falls, VT)

Well, until the Farmers Diner opens next month, the list of Diners I haven’t reviewed has grown mighty short, so I figured I’d write up some diners that aren’t exactly local, but you might happen across in your travels. So, traveling down I-91, in Bellows Falls there is the Miss Bellows Falls Diner on 90 Rockingham Street (right in downtown). Miss Bellows Falls (MBF) is actually a fairly notable diner in that (a) it’s an almost completely intact Worcestor Diner Car (#771) n faithfully maintained condition , and (b) it’s on the National Register of Historic Places (and, like all the other diners on the Register, claims it’s the only one…). But, in addition to just the architectural and historical interest, it’s also a pretty good place to eat.

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