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Guest Blog: Annie’s Kiosk (Sønderborg, Denmark)

In an attempt to redeem our reputation, somewhat sullied by reviewing high-concept over-priced pabulum served in the dark, the European Bureau of Offbeat Eats has attempted to get back in touch with the culinary roots of this blog. Although we at the European bureau can’t really compete with Los Manjares de Pepe after a hot day of dropping things out of airplanes, the least we can do is find a decent hot dog in continental Europe. As sometimes happens, you may find yourself on the scenic route from Flensburg (in the northern German region of Schleswig Holstein) to Sønderborg, Denmark. If you haven’t had your fill of herring and potatoes in Flensburg, you might be able to fill in the cracks with one of the better hot dogs on this side of the Atlantic.

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